There is no place for dugs or alcohol on your job site. LAMCA contractors know that. That's why all of our workers are drug-tested annually, and submit to random drug checks during the year. Quite simply, if a worker fails the drug test, he doesn't work.

Studies show that those who abuse drugs and alcohol are ten times more likely to miss work than their drug-free coworkers. Additionally, substance abusers are four times more likely to be involved in on-the-job accidents and five times more likely to injure either himself or a co-worker in the process. LAMCA follows the Great Lakes Construction Alliance's MOST program to ensure the screenings are consistent and comprehensive. As the industry model, MOST continually contributes to a 90% reduction in lost time injuries and in compensable rates. We also provide assistance for any workers with a substance abuse problem to restore them to their meaningful, productive lives.